Taking Advanced Analytics to the Cloud – Part I: R on AWS

Running R on the cloud isn’t very difficult. This demo shows how to get Rstudio running on Amazon Web Services. To run R on the cloud we need to initiate a machine/computer and install R – that’s all very simple. Where you might get caught up is in the settings and permissions. Step 1: Create […]

Most Downloaded R Packages of 2016

I was curious what packages are the most downloaded from CRAN. A quick google search of “most downloaded R packages 2016” produces outdated articles (see here, here, and here). Luckily the Rstudio CRAN keeps logs of the number of users downloading packages each day. With a few lines of code the data downloaded and aggregated. […]

Target Store Locations with rvest and ggmap

I just finished developing a presentation for Target Analytics Network showcasing geospatial and mapping tools in R . I decided to use Target store locations as part of a case study in the presentation. The problem: I didn’t have any store location data, so I needed to get it from somewhere off the web. Since […]